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The Murder Mystery Company is Orlando’s Expert in Mystery Entertainment. Even sunny Orlando, Florida has a dark side, and you’ve found it with The Murder Mystery Company! We provide expert entertainment that is always fun, and never boring. For any event, of any size, in any location, we have the perfect show! Our professionally trained performers are sure to thrill as they take your guests on an adventure of mystery, intrigue, and murder.

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When you team up with The Murder Mystery Company in Orlando you can be sure that your private event will be totally killer. Our professionally trained performers are the perfect way to take your party to the next level, no matter what the occasion! With so many great themes to choose from, you’ll want to become a repeat offender so you can try them all! Be careful though, our shows are addictive, and one of a kind. Enjoy a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Whether you are planning an intimate get together, an enormous party, or anything in between, our mystery experts know just how to make your event perfect from beginning to end. Give your guests an interactive mystery theater experience they will never forget.

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The Best of the Best

Florida has been nothing short of enthusiastic about solving crimes with The Murder Mystery Company, so it was no surprise when we came to Orlando and immediately started making mysteries for your private events! Our mystery experts have had great success in over 18 states with 33 public show venues, and over 300,000 guests each year, and now we get to bring mystery to our favorite Floridians! We love our Orlando detectives!

Jenifer Davis is the Director of our frightfully fun mystery troupe in Orlando! Her favorite things are mystery, intrigue, and - you guessed it - murder! Jenifer and her troupe of mystery experts are trained with the GRIMprov Method of acting training, so you can be sure you get nothing but the very BEST in mystery entertainment at your upcoming private event with them! Get ready to sleuth the night away, Orlando!

The Murder Mystery Company in Orlando

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Whether you have an intimate gathering of 8 people, or a good size crowd of 8,000, the Murder Mystery Company is the ultimate event solution. Contact us now so we can plan your murder today!

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